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Should you add an immobiliser To Your Van

Adding an immobiliser is worth while due to any original factory immobiliser being bypassed in seconds. Due to EU laws lock smiths have to be able to clone a key into a vehicle if the owner has lost his keys. As such this leaves a massive hole in the black market. Which means thieves can get hold of / make OBD key cloning tools. With more and more vans getting secured with deadlocks including having the locks mounted in a higher location more vans are getting stolen then they are attacking the vehicle elsewhere. Rather than attacking the vehicle outside a customers house or in a car park.

Due to many vehicles such as the Ford Custom, Ford Transit ( yes even the 2019 models with new style OBD ). Mercedes Sprinter, Vauxhall Vivaro and Renault Trafic all getting stolen it makes sense to add an additional immobiliser. You could have all the locks in the world securing your vehicle, but if thieves are willing to drive it away then attack it they can simply grind a hole in the side of the load area to steal your tools.

Having an immobiliser just gives you additional piece of mind and another layer of security when leaving your van parked up or leaving it outside your house at night. The Immobiliser we would recommnend is the Pandora Immo this offers complete immobilisation of your vehicle on movement and it can offer anti hijack on many vans offering complete security. All our devices are anti clone and anti scan for total piece of mind.

Ford Transit Custom High Spec Deadlocks Fitted Essex

If you own a Ford Transit Custom you need to be aware of door bending and door peeling. This is becoming a lot more popular since the Ford security update is being added to most vehicles. The added security update stops the rear load area unlocking via the drivers door barrel. Meaning if a thief wants the tools inside they will find a way to enter the rear of the vehicle. We are seeing a rise in door bending attacks now these updates have been rolled out.

We suggest mounting a Thatcham approved deadlock on the sliding and rear barn doors nice and high meaning it gives you the best chance of fighting off an attacker. With the deadlocks mounted in a high position it means the door has no pry bar movement from the top making it very secure. So far we haven’t seen a single one of our high spec Thatcham deadlocks defeated in this area due to how well they hold the vehicles door upto the bodywork.

Having Thatcham deadlocks installed is a must due to the better security they offer over any other type of deadlock on the market. We are fully mobile installers of the Thatcham deadlocks in the Essex area. Why not call us on 07525068291 to get your vehicle booked in.

Renault Kangoo Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

The Renault Kangoo is a popular van for many tradesman. Sadly they are targetted like the rest meaning they are very easy for a thief to break into such as damaging the rear key cylinder to gain access or making a hole to attack the release mechnisiam. The Thatcham approved deadocks are mounted up high on the doors to offer the best protection against attack.

All the brackets and fixings are designed with this exact vehicle in mind meaning you get a very sleek installation but more importantly the brackets are secure and the main lock case has a very large bolt throw giving excellent defence against attack.

These locks feature the anti bump and anti drill euro cyliners meaning they can’t be bypassed quickly via drilling out the euro cylinder. The average drill out time for one of these cylinders is 40 mins meaning they offer excellent performance. In terms of keys you get 3 keys in total but we do key all locks on your vehicle alike meaning 1 key will open and close all locks fitted to your vehicle.

We fit deadlocks on Renault Kangoo’s and also many other vans. Get in touch will us today on 07525 068291.

Citroen Dispatch 2019 Thatcham Deadlocks

The Citroen Dispatch changed in 2016 and as such the new shape is a lot harder to fit Thatcham deadlocks to. Many companies are recommending slam locks however these can be very easily bypassed if a thief knows where to attack the original release mechanism. With Deadlocks being mounted elsewhere on the door skin they can’t be bypassed in the same way and as such they are a lot more secure.

The Thatcham deadlocks have a large bolt throw meaning anyone trying to leaver the door will have a hard time trying to bypass them. Due to them being Thatcham approved they have the anti drill and anti bump cylinder meaning the most common types of attack on the cylinder directly won’t work on these euro cylinders.

All locks fitted to the vehicle are keyed alike meaning 1 key will open and close all doors meaning you don’t have to swap between keys in order to open and shut doors. Thatcham approved deadlocks are by far the best and most effective way to secure your vehicle. On the Dispatch the locks are mounted nice and high on the sliding doors to try and elminate door bending / peeling. If you require Thatcham deadlocks installed why not give us a call on 07525 068 291.

Ford Custom Rep Lock And Bezel Fitted Essex

The Ford Custom has been on the news reports and many Facebook groups for the simple to bypass factory security. Ford have tried to sort the issue on new 2019 models with a small ring that sits around the original door cylinder the problem is thieves are just using a screw driver or bar in the original cylinder and still bypassing the door lock. This security problem is a major issue for many tradesman, due to the vehicle being opened within seconds with either a pair of mole grips or a flat blade screw driver.

The rep lock we fit has a reinforced bolt that is used to secure the cylinder within the original lock case on the vehicle. That coupled with the V3 bezel we use offers outstanding performance against attack. The V3 bezel just keeps spinning round if a pair of mole grips are used to attack the door cylinder.

The key is only used within the rep lock in cases of emergency and the original Ford remote stops opening or closing the doors. This means you carry on using your vehicle as normal. But you can rest assured of excellent protection once the rep lock and bezel is installed.

Ford Connect Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Chelmsford

The Ford Connect is still a popular van for many tradesman. The engines in these vehicles go on forever ( providing the injectors are replaced ). Sadly security is a major concern on these vehicles due to the drivers door lock unlocking all the vehicles doors and the original door lock can be picked in seconds. We only recommend installing our Thatcham approved deadlocks, these have a very large bolt throw to prevent the lock being prised apart from the fitting bracket.

With the lock cylinders being Thatcham approved you can rest assured the locks can’t be drilled out. The cylinders take around 40 mins to drill out due to there advanced anti drill pins. We key all deadlocks alike meaning if you have between 2-5 deadlocks fitted to your vehicle 1 key will open and close both or all doors on your vehicle.

We can offer complete packages for these vehicles due to a very limited number of these vans coming with any form of factory alarm. We can install Thatcham deadlocks to the load area and upgrade the alarm system at the same time for the best security.

Mercedes Sprinter Thatcham Deadlocks

The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most stolen vans in the UK. Our customer was looking to increase the security on the load area on this Sprinter. As such we recommended the Thatcham approved deadlocks these offer excellent protection when under attack. They have a long bolt throw giving the best security possible.

The rear barn door lock case sits behind the Mercedes badge offering excellent defence against attack such as trying to bar the door open. due to the long bolt throw these locks will put up an excellent fight against the thieves.

The locks are Thatcham approved meaning they come with a high spec cylinder which is anti pick and anti drill. If these cylinders are attacked using the drill method the drill bits will simply keep snapping. We key both the cylinders alike meaning 1 key will open and close both deadlocks fitted to the load area.

We strongly advise upgrading the immobiliser on this vehicle due to key cloning and ECU swapping a very common form of attack. We can offer a wide range of products such as the Pandora Immo, Autowatch Ghost or the Starline I96.

Vauxhall Combo Van Locks Fitted Essex

The Vauxhall Combo is often targetted due to a small few having any form of factory alarm. The main point of entry on these vehicles is the rear barn doors, theives will normally attack the rear barn doors due to there being a small key cylinder mounted within the plastic in the door. This is normally forced into the unlock position.

The customer of the above van was targetted with this form of attack and lost £1000’s of tools and equipment. The van also had to go back to have the rear doors repaired and the lock cylinder replaced.

The Deadlocks we installed onto this vehicle were fully Thatcham approved and had a long bolt throw in order to secure the doors. These deadlocks also have brackets and fixings designed with this exact vehicle in mind meaning you get a sleek / neat install. Both the sliding door and rear barn doors were key’ed alike meaning one key locks / unlocks both doors.

Renault Trafic Hi Spec Thatcham Deadlocks

The Renault Trafic and Vauxhall Vivaro vnas have been a very large target for sliding door peeling / bending. This is a method used by thieves to steal the contents of the load area. This method is carried out by placing your knee half way up the door on the standard horzontal crease in the door. They then grab the top part of the door and force it towards them, this means the sliding door completely bends in half.

Since we have been installing the Thatcham deadlocks in the higher location we haven’t heard of a single case of door bending or door peeling. This is due to the deadlock reinforcing the top part of the door and also the bracket we fix to the post pillar which is abosolutely solid and the deadlock bolt is thrown through this bracket for the best security.

As with any deadlock installation we always recommend adding an alarm system with a rear mounted microwave sensor. This helps protect your load area equipment if thieves was to cut a hole in the roof of the van to gain access.

We are fully mobile and cover the local Essex area installing van locks and van alarms.

Ford Transit Custom Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

With the Ford Transit Custom being one of the most common vans on the road used by many tradesman it is no wonder why it is the number 1 common target by thieves. These vans suffer very bad break ins via the drivers door lock and by door peeling the sliding door which causes a massive amount of damage / replacement door required.

Many customers are looking for the best security possible on these vehicles. We suggest the very best Thatcham approved deadlocks which sit nice and high up on the sliding door, this prevents all forms of door bending / peeling which is commonly seen on these Ford Transit Customs. The Rear deadlock for the barn doors sits alot lower down on the door due to the metal being much stronger on the rear barn doors. The lock is also more secure being mounted lower down in the body work due to the metal being much thicker in that area. We have not had any customers report any thieves have got past these locks as yet. They really are the most secure and effective for this vehicle.

We also strongly recommend upgrading the original drivers door lock. Even if it is a bad new 2018 custom which has the Ford fitted slip ring. These simply do NOT provide enough protection and you need to upgrade the door lock to give the best security possible. The replacement door lock we provide is full stainless steel with a v3 bezel, the lock iteself is bolted in position from the inside of the drivers door offering excellent security over any other lock on the market.

We can provide the very best security for your Ford Custom Van in the Essex area. Feel free to give us a call on 07525 068291 to book your van in.