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VW T6 Rear Thatcham Deadocks Fitted Essex

The VW T5 and T6 series vans are very common to get broken into. You don’t hear about many break ins on these vehicles due to them not being as popular as other vans like the Ford transit for example. But they are very easy vans to break into. This customer wasn’t taking any chances and didn’t want to become a victim of a van break in, so decided to go for the best locks on the market. The Thatcham accreditied deadlocks which offer excellent security due to there very secure locking cylinder which features anti drill pins meaning the drill bits will keep snapping if anyone attempts to drill the lock cylinder.

The high securiy cylinder also features a very high security key which has more pins than a standard euro cylinder meaning they offer better protection due to them being extreamly difficalt to pick the lock. The Lock cases which are used for installs are also designed with vehicles in mind meaning they have a large bolt throw and can’t be bypassed with a simple pry bar.

Thatcham deadlocks offer excellent security over any other locking system on the market giving complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. We can key all deadlocks alike meaning 1 key will open and close all doors on your vehicle. All holes are fully rust proofed along with all swarf being removed from the door skin.

Renault Trafic -Vauxhall Vivaro Attack Method

As you may be aware there are many issues with the Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Trafic vans being targeted to gain access. Sadly next to none of these vehicles come with any form of alarm system from the factory meaning they can be entered in seconds. This is a major cause for concern for van owners that have not increased the security in any shape or form. We suggest our Thatcham approved deadlocks for this vehicle due to these being more effective and secure over any other devices ( Such as slam locks ) on the market.

Slam locks are NOT effective on this vehicle due to the slam handle still not protecting the original locking motor release ( Seen in the picture above ) The thief makes a hole in line with the locking motor and targets the release rod inside / gains entry in seconds. With Thatcham approved deadlocks the lock case is mounted else where and offers high security by firing a dead bolt across when you lock the deadlock.

We have done a blog post on Renault Traffic / Vauxhall Vivaro deadlocks.

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Vauxhall Vivaro Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

The Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Traffic is a very popular work van. But sadly is a major target for thieves, the normal method of entry is making a hole near the rear handle to attack the locking rod. Once they have knocked the locking rod the rear door will simply open. And due to almost none of these vans having an alarm as standard you are a major target with no locks fitted.

We recommend the Thatcham approved deadlocks which offer excellent security for the sliding and rear barn doors. These locks are locked and unlocked with the key meaning you can never lock your keys inside the vehicle. Our Thatcham approved deadlocks come with 3 keys in total but both locks are keyed alike. Meaning one key will open and close both locks.

All holes are fully rust proofed and the cutting swarf is removed from the door skin meaning you won’t get any rust issues in the future. All the brackets and fixings are all designed with this vehicle in mind giving you an excellent install once complete.

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VW T6 Thatcham Front Deadlocks

The VW T6 is an excellent van but it sadly lacks security. And as such owners are wanting to secure there T6 vans with the very best Thatcham approved deadlocks in order to increase security. We provide an excellent security package for this which we fit Thatcham approved locks to the sliding, barn doors, and front 2 doors and offer a Cobra ADR Thatcham approved alarm upgrade.

This prevents any type of attack which is commonly done to VW vehicles. Due to the locks being so easy to pick with a speed decoder a thief can open the door in seconds without damage. With our locks the doors can’t be opened and with the Cobra ADR alarm system the vehicle can’t be stolen via normal key cloning methods thieves carry out in order to steal vehicles.

If you would like to increase the security on your VW T6 give us a call to arrange a booking on 07525 068291.

VW Caddy Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

The VW Caddy is used by many tradesman and it’s a very reliable workvan. Sadly the security is very poor, methods of entry are picking the drivers door lock and punching a flat blade screw driver into the barrel on the rear barn doors. We normally recommend fitting our Thatcham approved deadlocks to the sliding and rear barn doors for the best security.

On this caddy the sliding door deadlock is mounted slightly higher to try and prevent the sliding door from being folded down in seconds. These Thatcham deadlocks have fixings that are made and designed with this vehicle is mind giving you an excellent finish and great security.

We key the Deadlocks alike meaning 1 key will open and close both the sliding and rear barn doors. You get 3 keys in total in case you ever need a spare. All Thatcham deadlocks meet strict security requirements giving you complete piece of mind when having Thatcham locks installed.

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Ford Transit MK7 Reinforcement Plate V2

If you own a Ford Transit MK7 ( 2006 – 2015 ) you will more than likely be aware of the security issues with thieves opening the vehicle up from the drivers door lock with a pick tool. Some customers want to protect there van with deadlocks which enhance the security. This is only worth while if the locks are fitted correctly, we have seen so many deadlocks fitted on Transit vans with no reinforcement plate meaning the lock is very quickly attacked and doesn’t offer no form of attack time.

We have now got the Ford Transit MK7 reinforcement plate in stock meaning it packs out the metal on the sliding door by atleast 3 mm. This means the whole area is reinforced and you don’t have to worry in the event of an attack, you can be assured the lock will stay in position and work perfectly to protect your vehicle.

We fit Thatcham approved deadlocks to the sliding and rear barn doors on this vehicle for the best protection. The rear barn doors don’t require any form of reinforcement plate due to the rear doors having thick metal as standard. If you would like to find out more on Van Locks Essex why not give us a call on 07525 068291.

Citroen Berlingo Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

On this Citroen Berlingo we installed the Thatcham approved deadlocks which are a very nice fit on this vehicle. These locks are very secure featuring the anti pick euro cylinder and also anti drill pins. These locks really do look nice and sleek once installed.

The locks are only locked when the user inserts the key and turn’s. rather that a slam lock which locks everytime, this means you can never lock your keys inside the vehicle at anytime, this makes the locks perfect for many tradesman. The locks come with 3 keys in total and both the sliding and rear barn doors are keyed alike meaning one key will open and close both locks. making the opening and closing of your vehicle straight forward.

All original locking systems remain in place and you can still remotely lock and unlock your doors, these locks are additional to your security. If you would like to get your Citroen Berlingo booked in give us a call on 07525 068291.

Ford Transit MK8 2016 Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

Ford Transit MK8 Thatcham approved Deadlocks installed. These are the best van locks money can buy with there advanced dimple key euro cylinder giving you complete security and piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. The Thatcham approved euro cylinders are very high security with there anti drill pins and anti bump euro cylinder. If a drilling attempt is made the drill bit will simply keep breaking giving them there approved and awarded attack time.

These Thatcham approved locks can be fitted to all the vehicles doors if required, but we would recommend securing just the sliding door and rear barn doors, then upgrade the drivers door lock to protect the front of the vehicle. We also offer a fantastic alarm upgrade for this vehicle which works off the original Ford remote alongwith our OBD port protection when the alarm is armed.

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Do Van Locks Stop Theft?


Everyone wants a secure van, the problem is you can only do so much in terms of protecting your tools. We have seen over the past few years attacks on vans are getting worse in terms of how much damage will be done to gain access.

Most attacks on vans are done by using the doors, for example looking for the weak spot in the factory fitted door locking, which could mean picking the cylinder or drilling a small hole near the door lock motor to trip the latch. This is were van deadlocks have there advantage over the rest of any factory fitted locking system. Van deadlocks provide excellent protection for any door on your van. The only downside is a theif may use another method to gain extry which means more damage is caused.

We have seen a few vans now where there has been a hole cut in the roof to gain entry and due to most vans having a bulk head behind the driver alarm motion sensors won’t trigger. This is why we would advise on a custom alarm installation being carried out on your vehicle. We can supply and install a very wide range of security products such as alarms and immobilisers or even tracking devices in the Essex area.

Van Anti Pick Locks Essex


You may have wondered how your van has been unlocked without the keys? Or maybe all your tools have been stolen and the vehicle was locked when you come back. Sadly thieves are using lock picks which can decode your original barrel and gain access into the vehicle within seconds. This means without no other means of noise ( A Car Alarm ) the vehicles contents can be emptied in seconds making it childs play for thieves.

Mobile Van Locks Esesx always thinks one step ahead in order to protect your vehicle from lock picking attempts. We offer very high security upgraded door lock cylinders. These are very hard to pick and they are re-inforced meaning they offer a much better attack resistance over the standard door cylinders.

These upgraded locks come with 2 new keys and in the event of your original remote key fob stops working you simply put the key in this high security cylinder to unlock the doors. Please note this lock is NOT a slam lock. Just a high security perfomance drivers door cylinder.