The Citroen Dispatch changed in 2016 and as such the new shape is a lot harder to fit Thatcham deadlocks to. Many companies are recommending slam locks however these can be very easily bypassed if a thief knows where to attack the original release mechanism. With Deadlocks being mounted elsewhere on the door skin they can’t be bypassed in the same way and as such they are a lot more secure.

The Thatcham deadlocks have a large bolt throw meaning anyone trying to leaver the door will have a hard time trying to bypass them. Due to them being Thatcham approved they have the anti drill and anti bump cylinder meaning the most common types of attack on the cylinder directly won’t work on these euro cylinders.

All locks fitted to the vehicle are keyed alike meaning 1 key will open and close all doors meaning you don’t have to swap between keys in order to open and shut doors. Thatcham approved deadlocks are by far the best and most effective way to secure your vehicle. On the Dispatch the locks are mounted nice and high on the sliding doors to try and elminate door bending / peeling. If you require Thatcham deadlocks installed why not give us a call on 07525 068 291.