Everyone wants a secure van, the problem is you can only do so much in terms of protecting your tools. We have seen over the past few years attacks on vans are getting worse in terms of how much damage will be done to gain access.

Most attacks on vans are done by using the doors, for example looking for the weak spot in the factory fitted door locking, which could mean picking the cylinder or drilling a small hole near the door lock motor to trip the latch. This is were van deadlocks have there advantage over the rest of any factory fitted locking system. Van deadlocks provide excellent protection for any door on your van. The only downside is a theif may use another method to gain extry which means more damage is caused.

We have seen a few vans now where there has been a hole cut in the roof to gain entry and due to most vans having a bulk head behind the driver alarm motion sensors won’t trigger. This is why we would advise on a custom alarm installation being carried out on your vehicle. We can supply and install a very wide range of security products such as alarms and immobilisers or even tracking devices in the Essex area.