The Ford Connect is still a popular van for many tradesman. The engines in these vehicles go on forever ( providing the injectors are replaced ). Sadly security is a major concern on these vehicles due to the drivers door lock unlocking all the vehicles doors and the original door lock can be picked in seconds. We only recommend installing our Thatcham approved deadlocks, these have a very large bolt throw to prevent the lock being prised apart from the fitting bracket.

With the lock cylinders being Thatcham approved you can rest assured the locks can’t be drilled out. The cylinders take around 40 mins to drill out due to there advanced anti drill pins. We key all deadlocks alike meaning if you have between 2-5 deadlocks fitted to your vehicle 1 key will open and close both or all doors on your vehicle.

We can offer complete packages for these vehicles due to a very limited number of these vans coming with any form of factory alarm. We can install Thatcham deadlocks to the load area and upgrade the alarm system at the same time for the best security.