The new package created by us the van door peel package. This system is a full alarm and immobiliser with the added Pandora DMS shock sensors this system gives your van total protection by featuring 2 wireless sensors which are mounted on the 1 side sliding door and the rear set of barn doors. These wireless sensors are designed to detect shock as in a impact / vibration to the area along with motion such as a door being bent down. This will get you the best chance of being alerted to your van being attacked. Having locks only with no alarm system means thieves will spend longer attacking / damaging your vehicle in order to try and gain entry. The Pandora Mini offers many on board sensors as standard such as the dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor and motion sensor. It also features a loud 118db battery back up siren which will keep sounding if the wires are cut giving you very high security.

Backed with a full immobiliser which works on a ADR basis, the small tag that sits on your vehicles keys has to be within range to allow the vehicle to start. Without this tag it means the vehicle will remain immobilised even if someone attempts to clone a new key the van will remain in an immobilised state.


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