Ford Transit Custom Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

With the Ford Transit Custom being one of the most common vans on the road used by many tradesman it is no wonder why it is the number 1 common target by thieves. These vans suffer very bad break ins via the drivers door lock and by door peeling the sliding door which causes a massive amount of damage / replacement door required.

Many customers are looking for the best security possible on these vehicles. We suggest the very best Thatcham approved deadlocks which sit nice and high up on the sliding door, this prevents all forms of door bending / peeling which is commonly seen on these Ford Transit Customs. The Rear deadlock for the barn doors sits alot lower down on the door due to the metal being much stronger on the rear barn doors. The lock is also more secure being mounted lower down in the body work due to the metal being much thicker in that area. We have not had any customers report any thieves have got past these locks as yet. They really are the most secure and effective for this vehicle.

We also strongly recommend upgrading the original drivers door lock. Even if it is a bad new 2018 custom which has the Ford fitted slip ring. These simply do NOT provide enough protection and you need to upgrade the door lock to give the best security possible. The replacement door lock we provide is full stainless steel with a v3 bezel, the lock iteself is bolted in position from the inside of the drivers door offering excellent security over any other lock on the market.

We can provide the very best security for your Ford Custom Van in the Essex area. Feel free to give us a call on 07525 068291 to book your van in.