Van Anti Pick Locks Essex


You may have wondered how your van has been unlocked without the keys? Or maybe all your tools have been stolen and the vehicle was locked when you come back. Sadly thieves are using lock picks which can decode your original barrel and gain access into the vehicle within seconds. This means without no other means of noise ( A Car Alarm ) the vehicles contents can be emptied in seconds making it childs play for thieves.

Mobile Van Locks Esesx always thinks one step ahead in order to protect your vehicle from lock picking attempts. We offer very high security upgraded door lock cylinders. These are very hard to pick and they are re-inforced meaning they offer a much better attack resistance over the standard door cylinders.

These upgraded locks come with 2 new keys and in the event of your original remote key fob stops working you simply put the key in this high security cylinder to unlock the doors. Please note this lock is NOT a slam lock. Just a high security perfomance drivers door cylinder.