Ford Transit Custom High Spec Deadlocks Fitted Essex

If you own a Ford Transit Custom you need to be aware of door bending and door peeling. This is becoming a lot more popular since the Ford security update is being added to most vehicles. The added security update stops the rear load area unlocking via the drivers door barrel. Meaning if a thief wants the tools inside they will find a way to enter the rear of the vehicle. We are seeing a rise in door bending attacks now these updates have been rolled out.

We suggest mounting a Thatcham approved deadlock on the sliding and rear barn doors nice and high meaning it gives you the best chance of fighting off an attacker. With the deadlocks mounted in a high position it means the door has no pry bar movement from the top making it very secure. So far we haven’t seen a single one of our high spec Thatcham deadlocks defeated in this area due to how well they hold the vehicles door upto the bodywork.

Having Thatcham deadlocks installed is a must due to the better security they offer over any other type of deadlock on the market. We are fully mobile installers of the Thatcham deadlocks in the Essex area. Why not call us on 07525068291 to get your vehicle booked in.