Ford Custom Rep Lock And Bezel Fitted Essex

The Ford Custom has been on the news reports and many Facebook groups for the simple to bypass factory security. Ford have tried to sort the issue on new 2019 models with a small ring that sits around the original door cylinder the problem is thieves are just using a screw driver or bar in the original cylinder and still bypassing the door lock. This security problem is a major issue for many tradesman, due to the vehicle being opened within seconds with either a pair of mole grips or a flat blade screw driver.

The rep lock we fit has a reinforced bolt that is used to secure the cylinder within the original lock case on the vehicle. That coupled with the V3 bezel we use offers outstanding performance against attack. The V3 bezel just keeps spinning round if a pair of mole grips are used to attack the door cylinder.

The key is only used within the rep lock in cases of emergency and the original Ford remote stops opening or closing the doors. This means you carry on using your vehicle as normal. But you can rest assured of excellent protection once the rep lock and bezel is installed.