Renault Kangoo Thatcham Deadlocks Fitted Essex

The Renault Kangoo is a popular van for many tradesman. Sadly they are targetted like the rest meaning they are very easy for a thief to break into such as damaging the rear key cylinder to gain access or making a hole to attack the release mechnisiam. The Thatcham approved deadocks are mounted up high on the doors to offer the best protection against attack.

All the brackets and fixings are designed with this exact vehicle in mind meaning you get a very sleek installation but more importantly the brackets are secure and the main lock case has a very large bolt throw giving excellent defence against attack.

These locks feature the anti bump and anti drill euro cyliners meaning they can’t be bypassed quickly via drilling out the euro cylinder. The average drill out time for one of these cylinders is 40 mins meaning they offer excellent performance. In terms of keys you get 3 keys in total but we do key all locks on your vehicle alike meaning 1 key will open and close all locks fitted to your vehicle.

We fit deadlocks on Renault Kangoo’s and also many other vans. Get in touch will us today on 07525 068291.