Renault Trafic -Vauxhall Vivaro Attack Method

As you may be aware there are many issues with the Vauxhall Vivaro / Renault Trafic vans being targeted to gain access. Sadly next to none of these vehicles come with any form of alarm system from the factory meaning they can be entered in seconds. This is a major cause for concern for van owners that have not increased the security in any shape or form. We suggest our Thatcham approved deadlocks for this vehicle due to these being more effective and secure over any other devices ( Such as slam locks ) on the market.

Slam locks are NOT effective on this vehicle due to the slam handle still not protecting the original locking motor release ( Seen in the picture above ) The thief makes a hole in line with the locking motor and targets the release rod inside / gains entry in seconds. With Thatcham approved deadlocks the lock case is mounted else where and offers high security by firing a dead bolt across when you lock the deadlock.

We have done a blog post on Renault Traffic / Vauxhall Vivaro deadlocks.

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