Adding an immobiliser is worth while due to any original factory immobiliser being bypassed in seconds. Due to EU laws lock smiths have to be able to clone a key into a vehicle if the owner has lost his keys. As such this leaves a massive hole in the black market. Which means thieves can get hold of / make OBD key cloning tools. With more and more vans getting secured with deadlocks including having the locks mounted in a higher location more vans are getting stolen then they are attacking the vehicle elsewhere. Rather than attacking the vehicle outside a customers house or in a car park.

Due to many vehicles such as the Ford Custom, Ford Transit ( yes even the 2019 models with new style OBD ). Mercedes Sprinter, Vauxhall Vivaro and Renault Trafic all getting stolen it makes sense to add an additional immobiliser. You could have all the locks in the world securing your vehicle, but if thieves are willing to drive it away then attack it they can simply grind a hole in the side of the load area to steal your tools.

Having an immobiliser just gives you additional piece of mind and another layer of security when leaving your van parked up or leaving it outside your house at night. The Immobiliser we would recommnend is the Pandora Immo this offers complete immobilisation of your vehicle on movement and it can offer anti hijack on many vans offering complete security. All our devices are anti clone and anti scan for total piece of mind.

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