VW T6 Rear Thatcham Deadocks Fitted Essex

The VW T5 and T6 series vans are very common to get broken into. You don’t hear about many break ins on these vehicles due to them not being as popular as other vans like the Ford transit for example. But they are very easy vans to break into. This customer wasn’t taking any chances and didn’t want to become a victim of a van break in, so decided to go for the best locks on the market. The Thatcham accreditied deadlocks which offer excellent security due to there very secure locking cylinder which features anti drill pins meaning the drill bits will keep snapping if anyone attempts to drill the lock cylinder.

The high securiy cylinder also features a very high security key which has more pins than a standard euro cylinder meaning they offer better protection due to them being extreamly difficalt to pick the lock. The Lock cases which are used for installs are also designed with vehicles in mind meaning they have a large bolt throw and can’t be bypassed with a simple pry bar.

Thatcham deadlocks offer excellent security over any other locking system on the market giving complete piece of mind when leaving your vehicle. We can key all deadlocks alike meaning 1 key will open and close all doors on your vehicle. All holes are fully rust proofed along with all swarf being removed from the door skin.